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Regaining the Lost Innocence

Take out all the complications, all the highs and lows, all the past and future and everything heterogeneous or miscellaneous. It may seem dubious but these are the factors that have made our innocence to lose its existence and be trapped somewhere deep beneath all the worldly thoughts that come by as we go along living our life. For innocence to regain its sight we must throw out all the thoughts that have taken away the existence of our innocence and also a part of us that is the only genuine thing left in this world of deceit.

Forget the principles of individualism and socialism. Just keep the sense of one’s coherent existence with others who live on the earth. This may take some time but without the demise of principles of individualism and socialism, the concepts of one against the other will come about, which totally opposes the existence of innocence.

Destroy everything. Let us go to the timeline of middle patch between the Stone Age and Modern civilization when our innocence was at peak. We were just learning about our environment and each other. The looks may have been unfamiliar or even spooky but underneath, those acted as the rock-hard framework of innocence. No war, no quarrel, no nothing about the worldly existence. The impossible existence of the thought of anything but our innocence.

Let us see only the scenes like a mother watching her child, a toddler looking at twinkling stars, an old man reminiscing his earlier years, your face when you saw the one you love and the glance of arrogance towards the sun and many more.

It is never too late.

And in this case too, innocence hasn’t been lost.

So treasure your innocence,

But not inside a treasure chest,

But instead on your every glance to anyone and everyone you meet…with nothing less than a smile. :)

Bibek Shakya

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