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ए झरी, कस्तो मनपरि Thumbnail

ए झरी, कस्तो मनपरि

आवाज श्रेष्ठ झरी ! तिम्रो कस्तो मनपरि थाहा छैन् तिमीलाई ? कोही विद्यालय पुग्नुपर्छ कोही कार्यालय कसैको आज भेटघाट होला मेरैपनि आजै विशेष काम छ 

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Bibek Shakya
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Need of Love – II Thumbnail

Need of Love – II

I still remember the times with you Even in dreams that weren’t so true Gone the past so i can’t say still hoping for you to return some day Like the wind time just went by Took you away left memories of thy Reminiscing your smile coming for me Shrinking my heart more along with glee Feelings keep rushing along my heart All the feelings for you cut it

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