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म देशद्रोही होइन

रित्तो भाडा एक आपसमा ठोकिएर, चर्को स्वरमा बिद्रोह गर्न लाग्छन् म ति भाडाहरुमा थोरै चामलको गाँस उमाल्न लाग्दछु वा भनौ जिन्दगीको लागि स्वाँस उमाल्न

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परिवर्तन गर्ने शक्ति Thumbnail

परिवर्तन गर्ने शक्ति

Tune in to a Television Stationin your area between December 25,2010 - Janaury 24, 2011 to watch real testimonies by real Nepalese who have experienced the power to change in their lives. If you have watched one of our testimonies and would like to speak to a counselor, please call our hotline on 1660-01-333-99 WHAT IS POWER TO CHANGE NEPAL? Power to Change NEPAL (PTCN) is a Media

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