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How to stay safe on Facebook?

Facebook, this website has been one of my favourite place to hangout. ;) And I refresh my Facebook home every minutes to get new updates and stories of my FB friends. It's a better option to get updates and update myself to my friends. Millions of people are here with so many interests and ideas. It's good to be in such network where people share ideas and information but with so many people with different background around you, there are a lot of ways you put yourself in severe situation. So the question arises - 'Are you really safe on Facebook?' I suggest you all my dear friends, brothers and sisters to take a few precautions to make your Facebook experience much better with fun.

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Know yourself to achieve your goal

As I am growing older, I find myself learning many new things each day. And this is a rule of nature. You may find very easy to learn things around you but it’s hard to know yourself. If one of your intimate friend has some comments for you or for your doings then try to imagine your response. I don’t think you will easily accept that comment or suggestion. It is because of this that you may not have known yourself very well. I think people around you can know you better than you do. Give time to know yourself better so that you can analyze the comments you get. We know that life is a finite thing and one day it is going to end. In short I want to say that life is precious and

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